Second Project Meeting in Maribor, Slovenia


The ReFashion project consortium met for the second time. On October 13 and 14, 2022, the meeting was planned and organized in Maribor, Slovenia, by the partnering organization MIITR.

The European State of the Art report was presented during the meeting. This research helped the project consortium develop specialized and efficient training solutions to bridge legislative and educational gaps at the national and European levels.

The meeting provided a wonderful opportunity to evaluate the work that had been completed jointly, particularly the ReFashion training curriculum, which is one of the project’s most significant outcomes.

Additionally, we arranged a few local meetings and conversations with individuals working in the sustainable fashion industry, such as Luci Clothing, a nearby retailer of clothing. The founder provided some really insightful information about the local sustainable fashion sector and the motivation behind her involvement in the clothing industry.

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