On 25 October 2023, we organised a multiplier event at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics University of Maribor – a roundtable on sustainable fashion. The roundtable was attended by 38 participants in person and 11 individuals online.


We started with a presentation of the ReFashion project, an e-learning platform and consumer guide. Participants were invited to register and use the platform and download the consumer guide, which is available in English and all national languages of the project partner countries.


In the second part of the event, we held a roundtable on sustainable fashion, where we discussed the following issues:

  • How can individuals make more informed and sustainable choices when purchasing clothing and what role does consumer behaviour play in promoting sustainable fashion?
  • What strategies can fashion brands and designers implement to reduce the environmental impact of their products and promote sustainable practices in the industry?
  • In what ways can governments and decision-makers support and promote sustainable practices in the fashion industry, for example through regulation, tax incentives or other means?
  • How important is the role of technology, innovation and the circular economy in advancing sustainability in the fashion industry and how can these tools be used to promote change?
  • How can educational institutions, NGOs and the media contribute to raising awareness of the importance of sustainable fashion and provide the necessary knowledge and resources for individuals and businesses to take action?


An interesting discussion developed from the questions formulated.

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